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VIETNAM WAR by Toby Crothers

The Vietnam War was started by:
The war started with the South Vietnamese and the North Vietnamese wanting to be the rulers of the country.The USA wanted the south vietnmaese to rule so the USA gave the South Vietnamese money so they would win the elections. Then things got out of hand and the war began. The war started in 1954 and finished after a long 21 years on the April 30, 1975. But the american troops didn't land in vietnam until 1964.

The war was won by: North Vietnam because America had to greater casualties and lost to much money there was also a massive amount of pressure by the citizens of the USA put on the American government to withdraw the army out of Vietnam.

Where was it fought: The Vietnam War was fought in South Vietnam and on the borders of Cambodia and Laos, and North Vietnam was also bombed. But most of the fighting was in south Vietnam and the war ended by the north Vietnamese crashing through the presidential gates with tanks in the capital city on April 30, 1975.

Effect on Vietnam:
Even after the Americans withdrew their troops the fighting still went on south Vietnam lost a further 13 000 and the Viet cong still lost over 45 000. But now they have a young up and coming population that will be very strong in the future when the countries grows its education standards and when Vietnam economy grows to its full potential.

A 2008 age graph for Vietnam that is compared to an Australian age graph below


As you see in the graphs above Australia has an aging population with the biggest number of people in Australia between 35 and 49. But Vietnam has a young and up and coming population with the most people between 15 and 24 and I think within the next 15 to 20 years if that Vietnam will have a very strong economy, large work force and lots of money.

Things where very bad in Vietnam after the war because the government couldn’t support its nation and most people made there houses out of tin cans and the like. Also there was a lot of wounded and disabled people in the country as well so the country had lost a lot of workers so the country couldn’t get back on its feet. Also a lot of the agricultural land was sprayed with chemicals or bombarded with artillery and wasn’t any good for agriculture. Another thing that Vietnam against Vietnam after the war was the other countries wouldn’t trade with Vietnam.

But it wasn’t all that better for the Americans it was the first time they had lost a war and they were even more disappointed because they lost to an inferior less military equipped force. Their government was being put under attack by the population and the country was still grieving for their lost countrymen. The Americans also lost a lot of money billions of dollars were spent on a war that they lost.

What countries were in the war?
Communist forces
North Vietnam
, peoples republic of china, Viet Cong, 
 Khmer Rouge,
 Soviet Union, 
 North Korea, 
 Pathet Lao

520,000 (1968)
Anti-Communist forces
South Vietnam
 ,United States
, South Korea
, Australia
, Philippines
, New Zealand,
 Khmer Republic,
, Kingdom of Laos

~1,200,000 (1968)
United States: 553,000 (1969)

Casualties from each country:

Country Dead Wounded Missing
South Vietnam 250,000 170,000 Unknown
US 58,209 305,000 2,000
South Korea 4,900 11,000 Unknown
Australia 520 2,400 Unknown
New Zealand 37 187 Unknown
Arvn and allies 314,000 1,490,000
P.R. China 1,446 4,200 Unknown
Nva 560 000 600,000+ Unknown
Nva and allies 1,101,000 604,000+
Vietnamese civilian 2,000,000*

Cambodian civilian 700,000*
Laotian civilian 50,000*

Total dead:
4,165,000 Total missing/wounded:

The Vietnam War brought about a lot of casualties from the nva’s guerilla tactics and the Arvn’s mass of weaponry and chemical sprays. With a total of over 4000000 people dead and another 2000000 wounded that is 6000000 people that where directly affected by the war and then all those peoples families where also affected. The Vietnam War came with a huge loss of life, money and economy for both sides. The war was also very amazing because the 2 main countries China and North Vietnam defeated 5 main countries consisting of some of the major forces in the world today such as The United States of America, South Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. And these 5 countries had superior fire power, a bigger force and Better training but because of the terrain and these soldiers not Knowing the area for navigational purposes they were punished by the North Vietnamese and china because of there use of Guerilla tactics, there experience with the terrain and there awareness of tracks and trails.

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by toby crothers