By Matt Wykniet
This is about the many changes in the population and the country Vietnam in general. When I say change in country I mean change in the country like facts of birth expectancy, life expectancy, mortality rate, migrants and many others.

Population in Vietnam has changed in very different ways over the many years of its time. During the mid 1960’s to the early 1970’s Vietnam was a very oldly populated place. When I say old I mean old people. During the war now lets face it no one wants to have a kid. It's a very dangerous environment not a good nor safe place for Children. So most people were old in age and. Also Vietnams population decreased in that period of time due to the great losses of soldiers from Vietnam.

In the war there were 1,100,000 North Vietnamese army and Viet-Cong casualties.

Here are some statistics of past Vietnam.

Current population of Vietnam- 86,116,559(2008)
In 1995 there was 36 092 males and
37 867 Females.
Stats form 2007. 6.19 deaths per 1000 people.
-0.4 migrants per 1000 people.
1.89 children born per woman
Life expectancy at birth is 71.07 years male and 68.27 years female (2007 est.)
Infant mortality rate 24.37 deaths per 1000 people.
Live births male: 24.76 deaths per 1000 people. Live births. Female: 23.94 deaths per 1000 people.
Number of people living with HIV/AIDS is 220,000.

This is a percentage of the religious groups.

There religions are Buddhist 9.3%, Catholic 6.7%, Hoa Hao 1.5%, Cao Dai 1.1%, Protestant 0.5%, Muslim 0.1%, none 80.8%.

They were some statistics to give you a little bit of an idea of what Vietnamese population is like. Vietnams population is significantly larger that most other countries apart from the huge countries like America and Russia. And it grows everyday. Another thing to stall the countries growth would be the earthquake’s that happen there. Another thing is the Flu’s and the disease and sickness over there has been known to take the lives of some. Those kinds of things can change the population.

These are some more recent facts on Vietnam that I have compared to the last lot of stats. (2008).

Age Structure:
0-14 years: 25.6% (male 11,418, 612/ female 10, 598, 184)
15-64 years: 68.6% (male 29,341,216/ female 29, 777, 696)
65 years and over: (male 1, 925, 609/ female 3, 055, 212)

Birth Rate: 16.47 births/1000 population
Death Rate: 6.18 deaths/1000 population
Net Migration Rate: -0.39 migrants/1000 population
People Living with HIV/AIDS: 220 000
Infant Mortality Rate: total: 23.61 deaths/1000 live births
Life expectancy at Birth:
Male: 68.52 years
Female: 74.33 years

Here are the compared religions from 2008.

Buddhist: 9.3%, Catholic: 6.7%, Hoa Hao: 1.5%, Cao Dai: 1.1%, Protestant: 0.5%, Muslim: 0.1%, none: 80.8%.

Due to my research I have discovered there are a lot of young people in Vietnam this is because of the war Vietnam War so a lot of the countries elder people have been wiped out. But this doesn't mean that Vietnam is getting smaller, its birth rate is 16.47/1000 people and the death rate is 6.18/1000 people this means that Vietnam is growing at an extreme rate.